PII thermal circuit


Is there a detailed description of the PII thermal circuit? Or maybe an example of how it applies to real devices or systems? I’m trying to understand the concept.


Me too, I would like to understand the thermodynamic system but the technical sheet is too vague.


The PII Thermal Circuit is just an abstraction for us to use in the design of our solar power system (the Tenkiv Nexus). It provides a theoretical set of properties for us to try to implement in the Tenkiv Nexus and all of its components. The Tenkiv Nexus is not just a solar collector, it’s a complete integrated solar power system (everything for collecting, moving, converting, and storing energy). So there is a lot of design work we had to do on many Tenkiv Nexus “components” and how they all fit together. Since we didn’t have a baseline to iterate off of, we instead made a common set of theoretical structural properties that if perfectly implemented would yield the maximum possible efficiency (of course we can’t perfectly implement the PII Thermal Circuit and we’re not claiming the Tenkiv Nexus runs at the maximum theoretically attainable efficiency for a solar thermal power system). So to summarize the PII Thermal Circuit is basically just an abstract set of structural properties that we try to implement as closely as we can in all components of the Tenkiv Nexus. In hindsight it’s possible we should have only used the PII Thermal Circuit abstraction internally as I think it makes the Tenkiv Nexus sound more complicated than it really is.

There’s a section in our tech briefing on the PII Thermal Circuit which I think you may have already read.

I’ve been thinking about making a YouTube video where I just go through the properties of the PII Thermal Circuit one by one and talk about what they mean in practice. I think it might make things more clear if I do it well, let me know if that’s something you’d like to see.


Thanks for the quick reply!

The tech briefing is more confusing than enlightening because the diagram isn’t labeled and the test doesn’t reference anything on the diagram. I’d definitely watch an explanatory video. I’m trying to understand the PII circuit in order to see that it’s a theoretical maximum and how PII could be applied to other thermal designs.


Alright, @AryaR finished putting this video of my intro to PII Thermal Circuit together earlier today. I think it is going to be modified a bit but not much. Let me know if it helps or just makes things more confusing. I’ll try my best to answer any questions as time permits.


Thanks for the video. Helped explain the confusing terminology in the tech briefing. So the PII circuit is a thermal design strategy - I think comparing it to integrated circuits is misleading and where I was having trouble with the concept.