About the Tenkiv Nexus


The Tenkiv Nexus is a fully modular renewable energy system.

It uses heat from the sun in order to power anything for 1/13th the cost of existing solar panels and 1/5th the cost of fossil fuels without any subsidies. It’s the breakthrough the world’s been waiting for that finally enables us to truly utilize the most abundant source of power available on earth: the sun.

We’ve starting deployment of the Tenkiv Nexus for water purification, but over time we’ll replace more and more of the world’s dying energy infrastructure with this new, more powerful, cost-effective, and completely clean energy nexus.

When used to purify water, a Nexus with just one panel can produce up to 2,000 liters a day without relying on any external power. This autonomy makes the Tenkiv Nexus unique– communities lacking in energy infrastructure who are in dire need of fresh water can rely solely on our system in order to fulfill all of their clean water needs.

Our recent Tenkiv Nexus Kickstarter was successful! :grinning: Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our goal of bringing clean water to developing nations!

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What is the status of the project? Is it on track or delayed or not going to happen?


Hey Daemon,

I have already emailed you a response but others might also be wondering and checking the forum. We will be releasing an official update soon, most of the rewards are on track for shipping in December and the only delay is part of the manufacturing process for an essential part of solar system. More details and information soon and thank you for your continued support.